Actors Professional Headshots

Creating ‘the look’  in headshots for aspiring actors, creates opportunity… We can’t emphasise this enough. Image is everything.

We have many packages for actors headshots. From single white background shots to multi-colour backdrops. Differing light modification is important too, capturing the structure of a subjects face in it’s most flattering light. This I would say is the biggest challenge to any photographer. Of course, some subjects can carry being lit from many aspects and direction, where others can’t. Each subject has their own quality, or redeeming feature and usually they are 100% aware of this. It’s down to the photographer to understand and capture this.

More popular for our female clients, a wind machine can come into great effect. Brushing the hair away from the face, to reveal a striking nearside jawline is a classic trick. This can also reveal the opposite shoulder (as in the example below) … I lit this image with a beauty dish from Profoto, along with a 10 degree grid.. It gives a very flattering light, almost wrapping around the subject. Note the hair light on her crown.

In one of the images, our young man in this selection was lit with a small soft box from the left, enabling a shadow to be created on the right (as we look).. With a slight lean forward , shot at eye level, it offers an air of honesty, confidence and assurity. Single light, no hair light. A classic actors headshot pose.

Create a studio portfolio with optional backgrounds. Create a change of mood with lighting. Create a change of appearance with differing tops. Your options are limitless, we simply need to discuss and create.

Looking for a career in acting?… Equip yourself with images that have impact. Invest in your future today, with a portfolio of images to impress.

Contact Ian Robinson Photography, to discuss your needs… We’re here to help.

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