The Arts – Jack & Mia.

The Arts Jack & Mia

Jack and Mia contacted Ian Robinson Photography to update their portfolio. Jack had been to the studio prior to this, for some promotional headshots, so we had already been acquainted. It’s always reassuring when plast clients return to the studio. Following our discussions, I was excited. I was excited for the potential of creating something a little different to the general studio portraits that we produce from day to day. Jack and Mia perform together, so we had to capture those shots of them together, although I was also briefed to shoot individually also.

It was requested that I took the shots in the evening, as Jack had other commitments in the day. This wasn’t a problem for me, so we set a time.

Our date was upon us. I had the studio ready, lighting, cameras, all ready to go. We discussed where to start, with a conscious decision to move onto more complex arrangements as the session progressed…. Wow, these guys were supple. I was in awe of how they could project themselves, they supreme athletes.

We tok all of our shots in a high key theme, white background. Although high key tends to be a little on the flat side regarding modelling light, I was quite mindful of this, so made an emphasis to give a little more highlight ‘into’ the poses.

Once the indoor shots were complete, we then decided to move outdoors. We chose a suitable location quite close to the studio, St.Martin’s church to be exact. The lych gate was a perfect setting, it was also under cover from the rain!.. Although I didn’t benefit too much from this!.. Backlit, the images were perfect for their promotional material and a great addition to my portfolio too!

I have to say, it was a real pleasure shooting these guys. Thank you!

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