Covid-Busting Children’s Portrait Sessions at the Ian Robinson Photography Studio, in Sale!

Yes, you can have that beautiful portrait of your Grandchildren, together!

Each of these 6 children, from 3 different households in one image, together.

It’s possible to have that beautiful portrait of your Grandchildren, even with the current restrictions that are currently in place within the Greater Manchester area.

Here, we have three separate portrait sessions, blended into one, to perfection. With the festive season looming, now really is the perfect time to plan that special treat and what better treat, than a portrait of all of your Grandchildren, together in one image!… Better still, plan it without Grandma and Grandpa’s knowledge, we assure you, it’ll be their best present, ever!…

A real, unexpected surprise!

Contact the Ian Robinson Photography Studio today, to plan your Covid-Busting surprise portrait sessions, that any Grandparent would absolutely cherish!

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