Elliot’s fun filled portrait session!

Cheeky little Elliot, he caught us all by surprise here during his recent portrait session at our newly refurbished studio at 52 Green Lane, Sale, by swinging away between the chairs! I think he thought he was being naughty… Not at all Elliot, it’s great to see young ones expressing themselves … And to see you having so much fun!:-)

You never know how children are going to react when placed into a strainge environment. Elliot was a little clingy to Mum, as you would expect. This was my first portrait in the new studio, so even for me there was a little trepidation. I sat down with his Mum and we chatted, ignoring Elliot to a degree (this was part of my plan). Talking small talk, I could sense Elliot taking a little more notice of what we were discussing, taking a few, none the less more glances my way. We were settled and Elliot sensed that I was friendly after all, as his Mummy was laughing, smiling and relaxed in our company. Studio was all set, lights active and ready to shoot, only there was a problem, I hadn’t picked up my camera… ‘Please excuse me a moment while I go and collect my camera from the back’.

When I returned, this is when I played my trump card… ‘Hello Mummy, where’s Elloit’?

…… “I’m here’. came the reply… It was then that I knew that I’d ‘got him’, so to speak.

‘Where’ was my reply,

‘Here, I’m over here’. came the loud reply.

‘I can’t see you’, I said.


‘Ohhhh, there you are’! I said, in surprise.

He ran out, jumped between the chairs and started swinging. It was a joyous moment, not only for Elliot and his Mummy, but for me too!.. It filled me with satisfaction, in the knowledge that I had found the key to unlocking this little fellow!

Thank you Elliot, you have given me a moment that I will no doubt remember for a very long time!



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