Isobella of the Ball.

Isobella of the Ball.

Isobella is becoming somewhat of a regular visitor to Ian Robinson Photography. Ian twelve months earlier had take the photographic coverage at her Christening. Since then, she’s also had a portrait session at the studio on 52 Green Lane, Sale, with Mummy and Daddy too.

Recently Isobella’s cousin Joseph had a portrait session, with Isobella joining him. It really was a lovely surprise for me to meet her again, as I wasn’t expecting it at all. It was an even bigger surprise for me, as she has arrived in her beautiful Princess dress! I had an idea, so I decided to play some music from Frozen. It was then that she then started dancing Swaying side to side, she was really getting into it and there really was no stopping her.. Hold on a moment, I thought that this was supposed to be a photoshoot for Joseph!!!.. I couldn’t help but shoot the performance unravelling before me!

One image followed on from another… I think she was born to perform… She’s absolutely angelic!… A little sweetie.

Image Presentation

It was decided that Grandma wanted two vertical layouts, one of each Grandchild. Although shot with differing lighting and backgrounds, both layouts  were designed to mirror the other.

For effect, post-shoot, we have added a few stars and a sparkly heart, to add to what were already a beautiful selection of images.

Mummy has a multi-block layout of her selection of images, something quite different to what we have produced before at Ian Robinson Photography. Grandma ordering another alternative layout for herself too.

All Canvas and Photoblocks are produced in-house, giving us the advantage of bespoke designs and layouts, specific to our clients needs… We are to post a blog on these concepts soon, so watch this space!

I love my job

One of the genuine pleasures or pivileges of my job has to be the honour of seeing your clients and their families grow as the years pass us by and I’m sure we will see Isobella and her family again, before too long. What a very lucky man I am. 🙂

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