Jenni & Rob.

Following the booking of their wedding, Jenni and Rob called into our studio at 52 Green Lane, Sale. We had planned for a pre-wedding shoot. We got on so well. I knew I was onto a winner for the wedding form the moment I met them, they were so laid back!

Jason came into his own at this wedding. We captured some fantastic shots and we all loved every minute of it too!

It was following the ceremony. This is when you have very little time, yet so much to do… I had arranged to take all family groups in a room, just along the corridor from the main hall. This made it a simple task to arrange family for the groups required. Once complete, it was time for me, Jason, Jenni and Rob! This is my favourite part of the day, being creative. What better venue could you ask for than The Lowry Hotel?.. It has so much potential, with as I say, so little time!

Special Shots

We were off, outside onto the bridge. We’d already taken a number of shots, when passing us were a couple of young men on their skateboards.. ‘Yo, hang on ther guys’, I cried… ‘Would you mind skating past us again, on my brief, one either side of the bride and groom’?

‘Course not mate’. came the reply….

This reminds me of a wedding that I’d taken at The Lowry Theatre a number of years back. I’d made a similar request, from a guy practicing his skills on th paving around us. They duly obliged and gently floated past us, ‘great, perfect first time, thank you guys’.

It was time to move back indoors. We took a selection of shots on the sofa’s within the reception, then it was back upstairs … Along the way, Jason suggest we take some fun shots along the corridor.. Jenni and Rob ran towards me (at some pace, I must say) with Jason trailing behind them with portable flash in hand, as you can see in the shot here.

During the evening, at dusk, we took Jenni and Rob outside again. This time it was an idea to take shots down by the river. Again I used portable, off camera flash. Positioned behind, offering a rim light, with the forground being lit from the ambient available light on offer to us… Thank you guy’s for being so open minded, we really did get some fantastic shots!
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