Lucy & Daniel

Ian Robinson Photography, having booked Lucy and Daniel’s wedding at the Last Drop Village some time prior to the event, unusually Ian hadn’t actually met the bride and groom before the wedding date. All correspondence was through Lucy’s father Brian. Ian hadn’t have worried though, they got on a treat!

Lucy and Daniel had appointed a videographer that Ian had known and worked with for many years (too many to mention!). So Ian knew he was going to be able to ‘push the boundaries’ so to speak, indeed working in tandem with the film guys to produce some beautiful images of Lucy prior to the Chuppah. One of the images was a backlit shot, using the video light to stunning effect, creating a beautiful ‘high-key” portrait. We took advantage or using the furniture in the room. Utilising the mirror in the corner, posing Lucy profile, revealing the back of her dress, using the mirror to reveal the front of her bodice.

A beautiful chuppah, in the Pennine suite was followed by family groups in the reception area of the building. I always say that every wedding is different and this was no exception. As the groups were in the same building as the reception, it was so easy to find the family for the required groupings, this allowed more time for Jason and Ian to capture those ‘special’ shots following the formalities of family groups.

We wandered onto the fields at the back of the Pennine Suite, it was very breezy. Infact, I’d say it was blowing a gale!.. Lucy wasn’t moved, she wanted these images just as much as Ian and Jason did. Just look at the smile on Lucy’s face, and her dress is almost taking off! My personal favourite is the black and white of Lucy and Daniel, very atmospheric.. There’s almost a Shakespearian feel to this, a great shot!

Ian and Jason have shots to be proud of here… Well done guys!

Lucy Ian Robinson Photography 1 Lucy Ian Robinson Photography 6 Lucy Ian Robinson Photography 5 Lucy Ian Robinson Photography 4 Lucy Ian Robinson Photography 3 Lucy Ian Robinson Photography 2