NOHL – Night Of Heritage Light

It was a chily October evening. This assignment was another for Lumenpulse, a company whom I have undertaken many an assignment for. NOHL Night of Heritage Light, an event that was being covered  at various cities across the country. I was in Liverpool.

I knew it was going to be busy at Albert Dock fr this NOHL project. This event had been well publicised in the local media and I realised the importance of gaining the best posible vantage point. I arrived in plenty of time, enabling me to post myself in prime position for the shoot. I wanted to be able to take shots at varying stages, as the evening’s dark settled upon us. Tripod was set, cable release to hand… I knew it was going to require long exposures to capture the depth of field, so cable release was an absolute necessity.

Time for a coffee.

I had a very trustworthy security guard right by my side… ‘Go and get yourself a coffee’ he advised… I wasn’t too sure, so politely declined.  ‘Don’t be silly, your equipment will be just fine here with me, go and get yourself a brew’. There was a cafe directly opposite, in good line of sight to where my posting was, so I sheepishly accepted his invitation.

As I returned, replenished, the light was just beginning to fade and the crowds were beginning to grow… It was time to start the shoot. I personally prefer the image with a deep blue sky, twilight, silver office lights marrying to the blue. Sun was down, as dark as it was going to get, so it was now time to relinquish my position for others and to explore options on position. A few more shots and I would be done. Then a thought crossed my mind…. I needed to get down to the base of the ship, which was all cordoned off. Enabling me to attain shots unavailable to others around.. But how was I to acheive this, without receiving a firm ticking off in a vained attempt to doing so?… Eurika! my security guard!

He was most obliging, ‘here wear these’ a high viz jacked, hard hat and wellington boots! I did it! 🙂


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