Pandora Commercial Shoot

Pandora – Hereford

We’re very privileged at Ian Robinson Photography to have undertaken many commercial shoots, this Pandora shoot being another. I’m here to shoot and to showcase the lighting installations for a major lighting company based in the north of England. Attention to detail is often my mantra upon starting any assignment and this was no exception.

Again, I was shooting in a store that was indeed open for trade. So I had to be aware of when customers were arriving and where they were viewing. Last thing I would want to do would be to distract a customer form purchasing an item, because of my intrusion.

Working to your brief

Firstly I take a good look at the location. I’m here to take images of the lighting systems, not the colourful, glistening jewellery. However, I’m also attempting to showcase the jewellery which the given lighting illuminates. So, key to me are the lights.

Again, the staff were very obliging, they understood that I needed to attain shots, ideally without in view. As with any assignment, wedding, portrait, commercial, you have to be polite, yet firm and this Pandora shoot was no different. Whenever I asked for them to move out of shot, that wasn’t a problem, they simply wandered to another part of the store. Although this wasn’t the largest of stores, I couldn’t take any chances. I’m always reveiwing my coverage, could I improve on this?.. Could I improve on that?.. It’s a constant case of reviewing.

A problem with wider angled shots are the vertical lines, often they tail-off and this can be slightly off putting. Although some of this can be corrected in editing, it is recommended to eliminate this, as best as you can, at the time of shooting. So correct camera height is essential.

I was really please with this coverage, although the eagle-eyed out there may notice that I do just have the head of a member of staff in the outer edge of one of the showcased shots!… Time for a little Photoshop, I think. 🙂
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