Premiership Annual Coverage

Premiership Premier Leaugue AGM

What a lucky guy I am not only to photograph at the AGM for the Premiership but to hold the cup!!!

Ian Robinson Photography has undertaken assignment with the FA Premier League for a number of years now. We have been privileged enough to have undertaken the Annual General Meeting for over 14 years. Formal presentations are made to the clubs, from the Premier League themselves.

Our breif is to take shots of each formal presentation, not only orf the Premier League trophy itself, but also of the al the age group competitions below this.

Allied to the trophy’s there are fair play presentaions, along with internal acheivement awards.

Prior to the presentations, there is a large group shot required, of all delegates in attendance.

In this image I was able to hold the Premier League trophy with the colours of Manchester City.

Ian Robinson Photography Premiership Trophy