Shnauzer ‘Sooty’

Schnauzer Sooty

Local resident ‘Sooty’ the Schnauzer called into Ian Robinson Photography for his portrait this week…

Pet Portrait Session

Sooty was very well behaved indeed… We attained some fabulous shot. This isn’t the first time that I have taken portraits of Schnauzer’s, I have to say that they behaved and posed in such a similar manner…Stood dead still, one paw lifted… Bless him, he only wanted cuddling.

Friend for life

Shnauzer’s are lovely dogs, they have such a lovely temperament. Sooty was my friend from the moment he walked through the door. He was all over me… I wanted to take him home with me… Somehow I don’t think his Mummy and Daddy would would have agreed to that! My consolation is that I do see him most days walking past the studio. He alsways stops to say hello to me too!
Ian Robinson Photography Pet Portraits Schnauzer Sooty Ian Robinson Photography Pet Portraits Schnauzer Sooty