Alan & Keith.

Alan & Keith.

Alan and Keith are local celebrities in Ashton Upon Mersey… They regularly walk by the studio front at Ian Robinson Photography, with either their Mummy or Daddy. Their Mummy, Kathy had enquired about a portrait session of her two ‘babies’ together. She had promised to book them in for a session in the near future, as it was something that she so dearly wanted. She wanted their coats to be perfect, so perhaps following a trip to the parlour after a trim.

It was in fact Kathy’s Mum and Aunt, along with Danny, Kathy’s partner that booked the children in. It was to be a surprise for Kathy’s impending birthday.

A time and date was set. I realised that this was going to be a tricky task, taking two dogs together. I made the decision to photograph them separately.

Photographing Keith

We photographed Keith firstly, as he was the more cooperative of the two, or so I was l was led to believe! Alan is a Cockerpoo, a very lively one at that too. I used all the tricks in the book to capture the shot I required.

Photographing Alan

Now for Alan a Springerpoo, the more timid of the two. It was anticipated that I would have more difficulty photographing Alan. Contrary to my brief, he was a doddle to photograph, indeed he behaved impeccably. It wash’t too long before we captured just exactly what we needed.

Time for the viewing. After some debate, Kathy and Danny agreed on their favourite images of each of their little friends. It was now down to me to piece the images together. They fitted perfectly.

I’m very proud of this session. Kathy and Danny ordered a large 30×40 inch canvas wrap for their lounge wall. I think I may have to have one printed for the studio wall too. 🙂