Rapunzel – Let down your long hair!

Maisey as Rapunzel!

Maisey’s Grandma recently booked a portrait session at Ian Robinson Photography for her Grandaughter. Grandma and Maisey’s Mummy wanted an updated portfolio, as it had been 18 months since her last portrait session. Allied to a traditional selection of images, our client wanted some fun shots too. Maisey loves Rapunzel, so the decision was to take a selection with Maisey in her Disney Princess dress too!

Maisey is a typical little girl, quite shy and reserved. Maisey and myself had already been introduced some 18 montks earlier, so this was an advantage.

Initially we took our traditional selection, all quite relaxed and controlled. We captured some really sweet shots, Maisey was at ease and comfortable in the studio environment. I was in a flow, my little subject was smiling and responding positively to my fun quips and quotes. I was more than happy with what we had taken, now it was time for Rapunzel.

Rapunzel – Let down your long hair!

While Maisey was changing, it was time to play some music from the Disney Collection that we have. This was a masterstroke! I really didn’t have to do too much more. Maisey was transported into her world of Disney Princesses!… I called, ‘Rapunzel, Let down your long hair!’ .. and Maisey lit up! She danced, she swirled, she sang, she was full of expression and she was responding to all of my prompts too.. She’s an absolute superstar!

Princess Photo-block.

Grandma and Mummy called into the studio a couple of days following the session, to view the wonderful selection of images. It was apparent that the Rapunzel selection would suit a composite style layout. Once Mummy had selected her favourites, I designed a layout for a photo-block, for Maisey’s bedroom. Mummy, Grandma and Maisy absolutely loved it!


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