Jedi-There’s been an awakening. Have you felt it?

There’s been an awakening.. Have you felt it?
Without the Jedi, there can be no balance in the force.

Where do I start with these? Meet Finlay, he’s my hero.. Well he is now! His father Chris contacted me around six months ago. ‘Hello Ian, it’s Chris Bridge here, you took our wedding pictures some twelve years ago, do you remember’?…

Of course I did, ‘Mottram Hall’?

‘Wow, you have a good memory’.

I couldn’t forget Chris, he called into the studio a few years folowing for some family shots with his parent’s, sister etc… We took a ‘Smith & Jones’ type shot of Chris and his father Steve. This image was edtched in my memory too.

Chris wanted to have some pictures of his son Finlay, who was mad on Star Wars. Chris had seen a shoot that I had produced earlier in the year, of a little boy who was dressed in an outfir as Ironman and was wanting a similar shoot to this for Finn, as a Jedi. So we pencilled a date into the diary, in anticipation of what was to come. Chris was excited for Finn, but little did he know how excited I was too, such a great opportunity to take another themed portrait!

Our date arrived and as soon as Finlay arrived, we got on like a house on fire, he’s a typical little boy, inquisitive and so full of mischief! I knew this session was going to go well, even before I had picked up my camera!

Finn had both ‘Light Side’and ‘Dark Side’ outfits, and sabres too! Once changed, I in the meantimehad set up the studio accordingly, his sabres were ready to be unleashed!.. I shot the ‘Light Side’ on a white background, unlit, this gave me a grey tone behind, perfect for cutting and pasteing and the ‘Dark Side’ on a black background, perfect for ‘deepspace activity’! A couple of hours later, we were finished with the shoot and Finn performed superbly, although I had no doubts that he wouldn’t!

Once editing was complete I cantacted Chris…. And you can imagine his response… He loved them! 🙂

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