Rapunzel – Let down your long hair!

Maisey as Rapunzel! Maisey’s Grandma recently booked a portrait session at Ian Robinson Photography for her Grandaughter. Grandma and Maisey’s Mummy wanted an updated portfolio, as it had been 18 months since her last portrait session. Allied to a traditional selection of images, our client wanted some fun shots too. Maisey loves Rapunzel, so the decision … Read more

Wall Art 4U

So what do you think of our studio wall art?… We love it! We took the images at Alison and Guy’s wedding some 15 years ago now, wow 15 years! I feel so so privileged when clients return with their family, it’s a very special feeling indeed.
My phone rings, “Hello, Ian Robinson Photography, how can I help you?”
“Hello Ian, it’s Alison, of Alison and Guy, we were married 15 years ago and we’d like a family portrait.Do you remember us and would you be interested in helping us out? Although we don’t want the conventional, we want fun, energy and something a little different.”
“Of course I remember you… The blue Aston Martin and The Rookery… And yes, I would be delighted to help you.”
“Wow, that’s right, you have an amazing memory and that’s great that you can help us Ian!”
Alison sent over a selection of images that she liked from the internet and some that she didn’t too!… I got to look through them and thought that it would be a great idea to use the wall outside of the Ian Robinson Photography studio, so we booked a date in December.
Our appointment date arrived and it was lovely to see Alison and Guy again, this time with their family of three children.. How special is that? I passed my ideas off to Alison and Guy and we agreed to use the wall outside of the studio… What a great idea, we had a ball, literally!.. My lights were all set-up and we were ready to play!… “Right, ready, steady,who can catch the ball first?!!!”
We had a fantastic time together, as these images are testimony to. We created some fantastic photoblocks, all to be nested together, for their very own unique display of wall art…. From this session I created a wall at layout for myself and for the gallery of Ian Robinson Photography… Can we create a Wall Art 4U too? … I wonder what would your theme be? Contact Ian Robinson Photography on 0161 905 3282 and we can discuss your ideas too.