Wedding Photography

Wedding Experience

Ian Robinson Photography have undertaken many, many weddings. Wedding photography has been the cornerstone of our business. Ian has been fortunate enough to have covered some fabulous events over the years, both at home & abroad and met some exraordinary people along the way too. However, we are pleased to say that we are still experiencing the adventure!

One aspect of the way Ian works, often relayed back to him is his approach, his manner in the way he conducts himself. This is that he is always calming, particularly when situations transpire against you and no matter how much planning you put into place, plans will and do tend to go astray! This is purely down to his experience and the trust he has within himself to deliver exactly what his clients expect, no matter the circumstance.

‘Have an idea?.. Okay let’s go for it’!

Each and every wedding is different, each offering a differing challenge from the previous. If there’s an idea that you have, a thought of how you would like to address a situation, or have any particular image in mind, then please ask and we will do all we can to attain your goals.


Ian is a stickler for detail, particular when it comes to lighting and dress detail. All too often he see’s what are clearly beautiful wedding dresses, entwined with detaied lace and stitching… Yet all too often this is lost, due to either over lighting or over exposure.

‘It’s such a shame, these are beautiful gowns, yet the detail is non-evident, often lost to poor exposure, or over lighting’.

Photography is a craft and we at Ian Robinson Photography feel that our standard of work speaks for itself. Our joiurney isn’t over yet, so jump on board and join us…join us on this amazing journey!

Ian Robinson Photography Sale Cheshire Wedding
Our bride was actually a Manchester City supporter!…. Love is all consuming!
Ian Robinson Photography Sale Cheshire Wedding
Slightly over exposed, to accentuate the backlight, which slims down our bride… Not that Francesca needed it!
Ian Robinson Photography Sale Cheshire Wedding
Shot with available light, both tungsten and daylight. Hence the warm left side and the cold right hand side… a beautiful contrast of colour.
Ian Robinson Photography Wedding Sale Cheshire
Ambient light under exposed, to be filled with off-camera ring flash… One of my all time favourite images!
Ian Robinson Photography Sale Cheshire Wedding
Lit with a single off-camera tungsten light… Check out the detail in the dress. Very 1930’s.
Ian Robinson Photography Sale Cheshire Wedding
By the light of the Moon… Backlit with off camera flash, forground ambient lighting.